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The Boheme

The Boheme is a restaurant located on the first floor of the Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Orlando. We (me, my LW, and my parents-in-law) embarked on a journey to eat at this restaurant as a last night out prior to the parents departure to Europe for a month. LW read that several restaurants in the Orlando area were participating in a fund raising event where if you ordered a three course meal from a special menu of selections, they would donate a percentage to arts programs. We were very choosy about finding which restaurant to eat at and finally decided on The Boheme.

When we arrived it was of course raining and being in downtown Orlando, the options were valet or walk a mile. We ended up walking a mile and getting wet. When we arrived though we were seated immediately at a table. The design of the restaurant was, in my opinion, a mixture of elegance and richness. There were lots of bright colors and photos of exotic animals on the walls. The dining area was well laid out so that each table seemed private. The menus, pictured below, lit up when opened…

LW with the menu. I made her take this of course.

The waiter brought bread to the table automatically and it was delicious. There was a whole grain option and a warm a moist sourdough type that had pesto and balsamic reduction drizzled over the top.

This is a blurry picture of the Lump Crab Cake appetizer that I had. It was almost entirely crab meat and very little filler stuff. It was served with organic arugula and basil oil.

The other appetizer option was this Fried Green Tomato dish. There is a fried green tomato under there somewhere. It is tops with diced tomatoes and goat cheese. As much as I like tomatoes, which is not at all, I hear this dish was tasty.

Cashew crusted and oven roasted Salmon with sauteed spinach, Yukon smash, mandarin glaze and pepper sauce. I thought this dish was very good. It was very filling but tasted so good I ate it all.

Risotto with tomato, pecorino cheese herbs,vodka cream sauce and pea coulis.

Crab Ravioli with sauteed shrimp, sweet peas, asiago cheese, and a vodka cream sauce.

And when you ask for Parmesan cheese at a nice restaurant what do you get? This. Yum.

Desserts were not my style but well put together and flavorful. Mascarpone Cheesecake with blueberries.

Specialty Apple Pie with ice cream. This apple pie was rather good despite the fact that there was no chocolate on it. I was disappointed that there was no chocolate option for dessert on the menu we got to choose from.

Overall, the Boheme was an excellent place to dine. I’m not sure that it should be elegant fine dining and I’m not sure that I would go back there for the price. I suppose for the price you could go to a lot of nice places. The beginning of the meal was the best and gradually declined in amazement from there for me. I give the Boheme two and a half forks. Enjoy.

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I recently had the chance to dine at California Grill in Disney’s Contemporary Resort for the first time.  The restaurant sits atop the Contemporary Resort on the 15th floor.  The walls are all windows where you have views of the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella’s Castle.  We arrived for a late reservation and were seated at least 20 minutes early and very quickly.  This was not, however, because they were lacking business. 

Our table for two was very close to the window facing the direction of the fireworks show, which we were able to see during dessert.  The table was set nicely with a cloth and wine glasses.  We were brought bread right away and provided with ample information when asking questions about the menu

The sushi was fantastic!  I had the Crab and Beef “Oscar” Roll, which is lump crab (not Krab) and seared rare beef.  There were little peppers on top that were very spicy but delicious. 

My wife ordered the cheese plate for an appetizer and was pleased with all of the cheeses. 

For dinner, I ordered the Filet of Beef which was delicious.  It came with a side of potatoes and Broccolini. 

The vegetarian option was Sweet Potato Ricotta Tortellini.   A lot of time vegetarian options lack the wow-factor but at a restaurant like California Grill the dish was lovely. 

The desserts were decorated with little chocolate “Happy anniversary” signs which was a nice touch.  The server also noted the special occasion but in a tasteful, subtle way. 

The Sweet Celebration:

Chocolate Cake, my favorite, done perfectly. 

Throughout dinner the service was right on point.  Our server was attentive but not overly present during the meal and we received each course in the appropriate timing. The only thing to note was our dessert came at the same time as the fireworks, which was initially fun, but we had to wait for the show to be over to eat (because the lights go down) the desserts which had start melting.  It would have been nice to have to option to hold dessert until after the show was over.  After the meal we were encouraged to take a look around and got to see the kitchens and outdoor viewing deck. 

The purple blob in the middle of the photo is the castle:

Overall, California Grill earned four forks! Enjoy!

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Just a side note starting this week, I am going back to my once weekly reviews on Tuesdays.  I will not be posting on Fridays unless I get an over abundance of reviews piling up again! 

Thanks for reading and Enjoy!

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As part of a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate my one year anniversary with my wife, we dined at several nice restaurants.  Our first day at the park we ate lunch at Le Cellier Steakhouse, which is located at the Canada Pavillion in Epcot.  The waiter explained that each dining area represented a different part of the country.  Apparently, we were seated in Quebec.  The food also is inspired by different areas of Canada.  The table was nicely set and the service was prompt. 

To start off and cool down a bit from the extreme temperature outside we order a couple of drinks, a chocolate milkshake and a berry smoothie.  Both were delicious.

I love a restaurant that brings bread without asking.  This is one of those places.  In addition that bring the bread, it was good bread.  There were three bread sticks in the basket: pretzel, sourdough, and whole grain.  I wasn’t a fan or the whole grain as I felt it was a bit dry, and the sourdough was just sourdough, but the pretzel bread was amazing.  It didn’t even need butter because it was soft and airy and buttery in itself. 

For starters we ordered the Tomato Stack, and the Lump Crab and Sweet Corn Custards.  Not being a fan of tomatoes myself, the stack looked very good.  It was a large tomato sliced and topped with diced tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  The Custards were creamy, sweet, light in flavor and taste.  The presentation of both appetizers was beautiful and creative, and the food was fresh and tasted wonderful.

For main courses, our table had Sautéed Potato Gnocchi and Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon.  The Gnocchi was with eggplant and cherry tomatoes in a pesto sauce that was little bit salty, and was topped with parmesan cheese.  It was good but not the reason you go to eat at Le Cellier.  The reason you eat there is Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon.  The meat was tender, juicy and flavorful.  The risotto was perfectly cooked with white truffle and herb butter sauce.  It was warm and earthy in flavor which tasted nice in combination with the meat. 


Throughout lunch, the service was attentive and the flow of the meal was smooth.  I was very impressed with the fine dining appeal of this restaurant being located in a Disney park.  Of course, being a Disney restaurant they recognized our special occasion by presenting the Chocolate Moose on a plate that said Congratulations.  It tasted good, too.  The Maple Creme Brulee was also good but a bit much after such rich first and main courses. 

Overall, I loved this restaurant and would love to go back.  I enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, the service.  I don’t think that it is stretch to give this restaurant four forks! Enjoy!

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