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Exciting news! Monday night dinners at the parents are back! Though I have been slacking and have not updated for the past couple of weeks, we have been going up to Ormond for dinners. We are fortunate enough to be served delicious organic vegetarian dishes. Also, we have started participating in Front Porch Pickings. We get a large green basket delivered each Friday and we each what we are given. This has made us branch out and try new things and each local and seasonally fresh stuff.

This is some of the first week’s delivery

Friday night dinner to celebrate was sweet potato and bok choy stir fry with cashews.

Plated with raviolis:

Apple dumplings made on a whim.

Hehe. Ashley waiting for dinner or dessert or something.

Another instance of dinner at the rents. Sweet potato biquits which I had about six of, cream spinach, and sweet potato soup.

This is actually dinner at our house with a friend but we have avocado soup and English muffin pizzas.



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I’ve collected quite a few random food photos over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been slacking off about posting them. We have been staying at Ted and Judy’s house while they are away so we have been eating all of their food (I mean, we have been eating some of the food they said we could have). Here are some of the random food things that have happened in our lives.

I made homemade cauliflower soup a couple of weeks ago.




M&M cookies made from a mix that my mother gave us. She only gives us stuff she doesn’t want.



Cooking for my Gram because this dish has two more types of tomatoes than I like:



No this isn’t space food. These are foods that we found in Judy and Ted’s kitchen. We ate them and haven’t died yet.lol

Mushroom soup and homemade whole wheat cheese biscuits. This shape looks familiar.

At work on Wednesdays the volunteer always brings cookies. This was last weeks cookies. Football season is here!

Yummy desserts made with angel food cake, chocolate sauce, and pluots.

Spinach Pie that I made. Yum.



A common meal at our place, stuffed zucchini, veggies, and bread.

The End.

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This week’s random food pictures include icecream that we had from Bruster’s. Bruster’s is a chain icecream joint that we found in Georgia on our trip. I also made a yummy vegetable quiche and Ashley and I together made crepes.

Chocolate cone:

Dirt sundae:

The quiche with just veggies added:

The quiche after filling but before baking:

The quiche just out of the over:

The filling for the crepes (I added cheese after this was taken and it thickened up a bit):

The crepes (home-made by Ashley):

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This week’s restaurant review is a little different.  I am reviewing HighFive Frozen Yogurt in Port Orange, Florida.  I am categorizing HighFive in the “Family or Chain Places” category.  HighFive’s website sums up the experience at their yogurt shops in one sentence, “In addition to offering a delicious and healthy dessert alternative, the HighFive mission is to help each of us recognize, appreciate and celebrate the many wonderful things that happen to us every day.”  The Port Orange shop is located in The Pavilion, and is the second HighFive, with the original shop located in Clermont, and a new shop opening in The Villages.

Upon entering HighFive, you notice a few things.  The first is the large flat screen TV’s that slide-show photos from the community and the shop.  They encourage people to submit photos that represent a ‘high five moment’ in life.  You also notice a large mural on the wall created from hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of the owner’s family.  The atmosphere in the shop is friendly and you get a sense that everyone fits in there.

As for the yogurt, it is self serve and weighed when you check 0ut.  You select the flavor and the toppings.  The flavors change periodically but they always have my favorite, chocolate, and vanilla.

The self-serve stations:

Of the toppings, Oreo cookie is my favorite, they also have pecans, fortune cookies, cereal, chocolate chips, gummy worms, Skittles, M&M’s, marshmellows and many, many, more.

Some of the toppings:

Other topping choices include chopped candy bars, fresh fruits, etc.

Other choices:

Hot fudge and camerel are options along with several syrups:

My creation is on the left, and my lovely wife’s much more colorful creation is on the right.  Mine is chocolate fro-yo with Oreo cookie topping.  Hers is vanilla with M&M’s, Health bar, Butterfingers, sprinkles and hot fudge.

The product was delicious and high quality and the choices were abundant.  Overall, High Five frozen yogurt gets five forks.  Enjoy!

Family or Chain Places:

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