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Exciting news! Monday night dinners at the parents are back! Though I have been slacking and have not updated for the past couple of weeks, we have been going up to Ormond for dinners. We are fortunate enough to be served delicious organic vegetarian dishes. Also, we have started participating in Front Porch Pickings. We get a large green basket delivered each Friday and we each what we are given. This has made us branch out and try new things and each local and seasonally fresh stuff.

This is some of the first week’s delivery

Friday night dinner to celebrate was sweet potato and bok choy stir fry with cashews.

Plated with raviolis:

Apple dumplings made on a whim.

Hehe. Ashley waiting for dinner or dessert or something.

Another instance of dinner at the rents. Sweet potato biquits which I had about six of, cream spinach, and sweet potato soup.

This is actually dinner at our house with a friend but we have avocado soup and English muffin pizzas.



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So, I was recently invited to try out a recipe and write about it. In keeping with full disclosure, I was given money to buy the ingredients to make this dish. The recipe came from the culinary arts college in Baltimore and featured my favorite food, mushrooms. Here is the recipe:

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage

Pasta Dough

(Yield: 3 pounds)

2 lbs. All purpose flour (Or as needed)
Pinch Salt
8 Eggs
2 oz. Water
2 oz. Oil


Combine the flour and the salt in a bowl and make a well in the center. Place the eggs, oil and water in the well. Working as rapidly as possible, gradually pull the flour into the liquid ingredients and stir until a loose mass forms. As the dough is mixed, adjust the consistency with flour or water. Turn the dough onto a floured work surface and knead until the texture becomes smooth and elastic. Gather and smooth the kneaded dough into a ball, cover, and let the dough relax at room temperature for at least one hour.

The Filling

(Yield: 1 1/2 quarts)

10 ea. Portobello mushrooms (Cleaned and sliced with the gills off)
4 ea. Sweet Onions (Sliced)
4 ea. Garlic Cloves (Sliced)
1 C Parmesan cheese (Grated)
1 C Marsala wine
1 T Thyme (Chopped)
1 T Sage (Chopped)
2 T Butter
To taste Salt
To taste Coarse ground black pepper
To taste Nutmeg


Caramelize the onions in one pan and reserve. Saute the mushrooms in a sauté pan with olive oil, seasoning with salt and pepper. When the mushrooms have a nice dark color from caramelization, add the garlic and sweat. Once the garlic is aromatic, deglaze the pan with the wine and add the caramelized onions, thyme, and sage. Cook until all of the liquid is gone. Fold in the cheese and season to taste with the salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Cool.

At service:

Boil five ravioli until they float. In a hot sauté pan, with two tablespoons of butter and two sage leaves, sauté the ravioli until the outside is slightly golden brown.

Though it is sort of like telling the punchline of a joke before the joke itself, here is the delicious and delicious looking finished product:

I must say that the dish turned out quite well. Both Ashley and I enjoyed it very much. The flavor and the texture of the filling turned out very nice. Ashley liked that the filling wasn’t mushy like it sometimes can be. I wasn’t sure that the dish would have been much different had it been just pasta with mushrooms and cheese but then Ashley pointed out that the ravioli provided a nice texture with thicker dough around the outside. She was right of course. I did enjoy it as a ravioli instead of a pasta.

Here is my process:

One thing I must mention about making the dish is that I wouldn’t recommend this recipe to anyone that has never hand-made pasta or ravioli before.  It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend people to try a new recipe or technique, because I’m telling my friends all the time how good home-made pasta is, but that this recipe doesn’t specify the steps to take in turning your lump of dough and filling into a successful ravioli. By successful I mean that it doesn’t fall apart completely when boiling. Ashley and I frequently make our own pasta and have made ravioli many times, so we knew what to do and how to do it. We have a pasta machine that helps as well because we didn’t have to roll out the dough by hand. Also, we did not make the entire amount that was specified by the recipe as it made a LOT of food.

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This week’s random food pictures include icecream that we had from Bruster’s. Bruster’s is a chain icecream joint that we found in Georgia on our trip. I also made a yummy vegetable quiche and Ashley and I together made crepes.

Chocolate cone:

Dirt sundae:

The quiche with just veggies added:

The quiche after filling but before baking:

The quiche just out of the over:

The filling for the crepes (I added cheese after this was taken and it thickened up a bit):

The crepes (home-made by Ashley):

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Last week I got a whim that I wanted to make vegetarian stew.  I came home and we conveniently had a bunch of random ingredients so I decided to give it a try.  I added frozen peas, corn, carrots, and potatoes.

I also added butter, garlic, canned tomatoes (made by Ashley), a little bit of flour and a little bit of brown sugar. Also I LOT of red wine.

I sautéed the garlic and butter.

Added the veggies, and wine and other random stuff.

Ashley documented the process of course.

The finished stew with cheese.

If I made it again I would not add the brown sugar and would have it over rice or something. Otherwise, it was lovely for a spontaneous homemade vegetarian meal.

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Another weekly dinner at Judy and Ted’s house was delicious.

These are goat cheese filled puff pastries;

Homemade vegetable pot pies:

Served together.  The goat cheese pastries are topped with a  little balsamic. Note the Cabernet Sauvignon which wasn’t half bad.

Dessert was chocolate-peanut butter cookies and Starbucks Fraps. I may have eaten most of my cookies before remembering to take the photo.

Thanks, parents!

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Last week we had an impromptu dinner with Ashley’s parents where I pulled out some ingredients from the fridge and made something delicious.  I used spinach, garlic, pecans, tomatoes, mozzarella, and olive oil for the sauce.

Over pasta and with bread, it was delicious.

I also made a tasty dinner at home a couple of days ago.  I made a second attempt at meatless meatloaf.  I mixed carrots, spinach, pecans, mushrooms, breadcrumbs, an egg, and some seasonings for the “meat” part of it.

Baked on 375 with cheese on top for 25ish minutes.

Served with rice and my specially made meatless meatloaf sauce which may have included ketchup, soy sauce, milk and a special ingredient.

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A couple of nights ago we had Ashley’s grandmother and parents over for dinner.  Grandma recently gave us her cookbooks, which she doesn’t use anymore.  We decided to try a recipe of hers and change it up a bit for our vegetarian diet.  The recipe was for Spaghetti pie which included noodles, sausage, onion, Parmesan cheese sauce, mozzarella, eggs, and some other random things.  We ended up using, angel hair noodles, mushrooms, zucchini, mozzarella cheese, eggs, garlic, basil, and Ashley made Parmesan cheese sauce.  We also had our first experience with a spring-form pan, which I’m not sure that I care for.  We will likely give it another go with the pan, I’m just not sure it is worth the effort and stress that when you unlock it everything is going to fall apart.  Here is the finished product just out of the oven.

Ashley’s sauce.

This is what was left of dinner.

Of course we also used another recipe from Grandma’s books for dessert.  Peanut butter cake is amazing.  In fact, I may go and have some when I finish typing this.  Homemade peanut butter cake, with homemade chocolate icing is pretty high up on my list of tasty desserts.

Ready to be served.  Those little blobs on the plates are the extra icing from the knife after cutting the cake.  That’s how we do it at our house.  Ha.

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