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I had the chance to eat at La Hacienda de San Angel, Disney’s new restaurant at Epcot a few weeks ago. The restaurant was brand new, having been open only a few days when we dined there. Everything was new and beautiful including these paintings located just inside the doors.

I value to decor of a restaurant and how well it matches the theme. This place was nicely done and gave me the feel that I was dining in Mexico. It helps that outside the restaurant is Epcot’s Mexico.

I made note that the menus were decorative.

The drink menu and such.

Funny story. We walked by the outside of the restaurant earlier in the day and asked if they had a vegetarian menu. The nice representative said yes and that they had just come up with it that morning because they had not included vegetarian choices on their menu to start off. I suppose they had already gotten a lot of negative feedback about that. She presented us with this typed on paper version of their vegetarian menu.

Here is little Duffy.

We ordered from the vegetarian menu of course. We had the Cheese Empanadas, which were delicious. They were also beautifully presented.

If you noticed on the menu, the Cheese Empanadas was supposed to come with black beans and rice. Here is a shot of the beans. Also, just a little note, the cheese that topped these items was lovely. You’ll notice that I do not have a shot of the rice because were were not given any. When I asked about this the manager came to the table and told me that because they had just planned the vegetarian menu, the rice that they had was cooked in chicken stock. We asked for the rice anyway because we are not too prudish.

We shared the main course above so that we  could each get desserts. Here is my Chocolate con Churros. The churros has a lovely caramel-like sauce. The hot chocolate was sweet and complemented the churros well.

My LW’s dessert: Tamal de Dulce. I heard it was good.

Overall, everything we ordered was delicious and presented nicely. The whole new restaurant forgot to have a vegetarian menu thing is okay because they were clearly trying to fix that. I would like for them to have noted that the rice was cooked with chicken stock prior to me having to ask why it wasn’t brought along with the meal but oh well. I will attest that too the waiter who seemed pretty young. The atmosphere was definitely fun and I would dine at this restaurant again. I give it four forks. Enjoy!

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A new Mexican restaurant opened in Ormond Beach called Salsa’s so I tried it out with mi tres amigos: Ashley, Judy and Ted.  I am a fan of restaurants that are not part of a chain so this little place in a shopping center just off Granada sounded good.

We walked in and sat right down on a fairly busy evening.  Our table for four was small but not too cramped.  The menu offered a wide variety of selections.  They also had a fairly decent selection of vegetarian options.

I’ve never thought that Mexican food was the most attractive in appearance but the food was presented on colorful plates.  Below is the bean burrito and cheese enchilada with rice.  Everything tasted good.  The rice was cooked nicely.

This is another vegetarian option, cheese stuffed chile pepper and potato enchilada.  It was also served with a mushroom quesadilla (no photo).  My wife ordered this without the traditional sauce and queso cheese only.

Just a note here.  The most memorable thing about the meal was probably the super spicy pepper.  I am the kind of person that likes spicy food, but one bite of that pepper had my eyes watering and my tongue on fire.  We mentioned this to the waitress and was told that the pepper shouldn’t be that spicy so the manager brought us a new pepper.  Sure enough, the new pepper was hardly warm at all.  Apparently, we were told that the spice varies by when the peppers are picked.  The second pepper was quite tasty.

The meat-eater at the table, order these chicken flautas.  They were fried crispy and served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and guacamole.

Everything was delicious.  The service was fairly good.  The manager bringing a new pepper made an impact on the service.  The atmosphere was casual with the feel of a sports bar crossed family restaurant.  Overall, Salsa’s is an excellent family dinner place for a little bit of ethnic cuisine.  It gets three forks. Enjoy!

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Blog UpdateMandi Munches will now be a food related blog and not just restaurant reviews.  I will continue to update every Tuesday with a new review but may update more frequently with my own food endeavors and thoughts so check back more frequently!

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