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Exciting news! Monday night dinners at the parents are back! Though I have been slacking and have not updated for the past couple of weeks, we have been going up to Ormond for dinners. We are fortunate enough to be served delicious organic vegetarian dishes. Also, we have started participating in Front Porch Pickings. We get a large green basket delivered each Friday and we each what we are given. This has made us branch out and try new things and each local and seasonally fresh stuff.

This is some of the first week’s delivery

Friday night dinner to celebrate was sweet potato and bok choy stir fry with cashews.

Plated with raviolis:

Apple dumplings made on a whim.

Hehe. Ashley waiting for dinner or dessert or something.

Another instance of dinner at the rents. Sweet potato biquits which I had about six of, cream spinach, and sweet potato soup.

This is actually dinner at our house with a friend but we have avocado soup and English muffin pizzas.



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Last week I got a whim that I wanted to make vegetarian stew.  I came home and we conveniently had a bunch of random ingredients so I decided to give it a try.  I added frozen peas, corn, carrots, and potatoes.

I also added butter, garlic, canned tomatoes (made by Ashley), a little bit of flour and a little bit of brown sugar. Also I LOT of red wine.

I sautéed the garlic and butter.

Added the veggies, and wine and other random stuff.

Ashley documented the process of course.

The finished stew with cheese.

If I made it again I would not add the brown sugar and would have it over rice or something. Otherwise, it was lovely for a spontaneous homemade vegetarian meal.

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Another weekly dinner at Judy and Ted’s house was delicious.

These are goat cheese filled puff pastries;

Homemade vegetable pot pies:

Served together.  The goat cheese pastries are topped with a  little balsamic. Note the Cabernet Sauvignon which wasn’t half bad.

Dessert was chocolate-peanut butter cookies and Starbucks Fraps. I may have eaten most of my cookies before remembering to take the photo.

Thanks, parents!

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I’ve been trying to take photos of some of the dinners that we are having at home now that we are mostly organic and vegetarian. This was stuffed zucchini and home-made garlic bread from a few nights ago.  The zucchini was stuffed with veggies, cheese, and breadcrumbs.

This was multicolored (and multi-flavored) orzo pasta with peppers and mushrooms, and tomato for Ashley, with feta cheese crumbles.

I also found some older photos of before we were trying out the organic vegetarian thing (though we never ate a lot of meat).  This is a dinner that Ashley made for me one night (it may have been a special occasion at the time).  Mushroom Spaetzle and green beans is followed by a delicious looking chocolate souflee.

This was my first attempt at making sushi at home.  It is asparagus and mushroom.  If I remember correctly, it tasted good and looked okay.  I have made sushi since this attempt a couple of times but not recently.  Which reminds me that perhaps I should.

Dinner near Easter a couple of years ago.  I know this because the pastas are shaped like bunnies and eggs.  Pasta with pine nuts, broccoli, and brie is yummy. Also just a note, this was at Judy and Ted’s house and we have started influencing them with our organic and meatless food ventures.

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Two days ago, I have the great fortune of dining at The Ravenous Pig.  My wife’s cousin, Chef Stew, recommended this location if we were ever in the Winter Park, area.  I supposed you should always listen to a chef’s recommendation as eating at The Ravenous Pig was refreshing.  I wish there were more restaurants like this one.  Ashley and Judy at the table, which was set with recyclable paper top, cloth napkins, elegant silverware, and wine glasses.  Impressive first impression.

The menu, which changes regularly, was printed on recyclable materials as well.  I took a photo of it (click to enlarge) because I knew it wouldn’t be online.

Also, the beer menu.  I did not photo the wine list but it was similar, with lots of selections by the glass or bottle.

I took a recommendation from the waiter for a small beer.  This was a just-my-size, IPA, but not too hoppy beer, the Brooklyn Brewery Lager.

For starters I got the deviled eggs.  I love deviled eggs and these certainly did not disappoint.  I felt it was a fair portion of them for the price, and the filling was light and flavorful.  They were topped with a little paprika, chives, and course salt.

The table shared the House-made Charcuterie.  We learned that 95% of the items on the menu are made from scratch at the restaurant.  Any restaurant that maintains home-made, hand-made foods to the same degree that we do at home now, is high on my list.  On the plate below there are pickled cucumbers, tomato, and onion, home-made grain mustard, three cured meats, salad and grilled home-made bread.  Everything was delicious.  Each meat had its own flavor, one was chorizo which was spicy, one was fennel and brown sugar, and the other was sopressata.

The wife and I shared the Grouper sandwich with fries.  The fries were home-made, of course.  The sandwich came with a nice piece of grouper, pan-fried, roasted tomato, bibb lettuce, and gribiche on a brioche bun.  The fish was cooked perfectly.  The fries were light and crispy, and not greasy at all.

Judy had the Grilled Cheese Sandwich which came with la quercia prosciutto, mozzerella, basil pesto, and roasted lemon marmalade on sourdough bread.  She had the side salad with it as well.  The bread was crispy and the maramalade was sweet and refreshing.  The flavors blended well with the cheese and meat.

Of course, after the appetizers and main courses, we had to give the “pigtails” a try.  Four light and crispy fried doughnuts were served coated in sugar and with a chocolate dipping sauce.  Eating all four was not a problem and who got the fourth one (as there were three of us at the table) was the real question.  We split it, of course.

Presentation of all of the food was creative and well thought out.  The quality of the food was top-notch, as they use only the freshest ingredients and make most of their items from scratch in-house.   I was impressed with the atmosphere, the focus on organic and home-made items, the recyclable table setting, and the quality of the food.  I would return to The Ravenous Pig and recommend it to everyone.

The Ravenous Pig gets five forks. Enjoy!

Quality Eats:

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