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Some of these pictures are not of the best quality but here are some food happenings lately.

Making the filling…

Blurry filling on puff pastry:

Covered and in the oven:

Homemade hot pockets!

Saw this sign when we were walking the Granada Bridge a couple of weeks ago and of course we were there.

This is just a few of the items that we had, egg noodles and cabbage, perogies, pickled beets,  and cheese pastries.

Some of the desserts that we brought home:

Basic stuff:

Cream Zucchini with pasta and cheese.

More to come as weekly dinners at the parents has returned with a cool twist.


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Rivergate Coffee Shoppe is a small family owned diner that is open for lunch and breakfast only.  I ate here with my wife and her parents prior to a daily outing together.  We went for breakfast around 8:15 a.m. and found the place almost full.  At times people were standing to wait for a table.  This little breakfast spot offers a variety of breakfast choices including eggs, omelets, french toast, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, etc. The food is what I would call “down home cooking.”

Our breakfasts came out hot and all together.  Despite how busy it was the service wasn’t bad.  I had a mushroom and swiss cheese omelet, which was delicious, a side of grits that filled half of the plate, and a biscuit.  The other people had eggs, hash-browns or home-fries, and toast.

For the prices, which were reasonable, I think that this little coffee shoppe was well worth it.  I would venture to guess that they offer a consistent breakfast.  I love breakfast and I love down home cooked breakfast, so I would return to this place anytime I’m looking for a those things.  I give it three forks. Enjoy!

Family and Chain Places:

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A new Mexican restaurant opened in Ormond Beach called Salsa’s so I tried it out with mi tres amigos: Ashley, Judy and Ted.  I am a fan of restaurants that are not part of a chain so this little place in a shopping center just off Granada sounded good.

We walked in and sat right down on a fairly busy evening.  Our table for four was small but not too cramped.  The menu offered a wide variety of selections.  They also had a fairly decent selection of vegetarian options.

I’ve never thought that Mexican food was the most attractive in appearance but the food was presented on colorful plates.  Below is the bean burrito and cheese enchilada with rice.  Everything tasted good.  The rice was cooked nicely.

This is another vegetarian option, cheese stuffed chile pepper and potato enchilada.  It was also served with a mushroom quesadilla (no photo).  My wife ordered this without the traditional sauce and queso cheese only.

Just a note here.  The most memorable thing about the meal was probably the super spicy pepper.  I am the kind of person that likes spicy food, but one bite of that pepper had my eyes watering and my tongue on fire.  We mentioned this to the waitress and was told that the pepper shouldn’t be that spicy so the manager brought us a new pepper.  Sure enough, the new pepper was hardly warm at all.  Apparently, we were told that the spice varies by when the peppers are picked.  The second pepper was quite tasty.

The meat-eater at the table, order these chicken flautas.  They were fried crispy and served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and guacamole.

Everything was delicious.  The service was fairly good.  The manager bringing a new pepper made an impact on the service.  The atmosphere was casual with the feel of a sports bar crossed family restaurant.  Overall, Salsa’s is an excellent family dinner place for a little bit of ethnic cuisine.  It gets three forks. Enjoy!

Family and Chain Places:

Blog UpdateMandi Munches will now be a food related blog and not just restaurant reviews.  I will continue to update every Tuesday with a new review but may update more frequently with my own food endeavors and thoughts so check back more frequently!

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Lulu’s Oceanside Grill

This is a Guest Restaurant Review written by my MIL Judy Titus.  She graciously agreed to write this for me to post during our anniversary trip to Disney. Enjoy!

I had lunch at Lulu’s Oceanside Grill in Ormond Beach last week with a group of friends.  It was my responsibility to book a restaurant for the group.  I chose Lulu’s for its location, menu, and atmosphere.  The restaurant is located across from the beach serving lunch and dinner Monday thru Saturday.  Sunday breakfast is also offered.  The atmosphere reflects the location.  While the décor is not beachy, it is casual.  There is a bar and hostess stand at the front of the restaurant with three dining areas indoors and an inviting outside patio area for those who don’t mind the June heat and humidity.    

I made the reservation for around twenty people.  As it appeared that more than that number would be in the group, the hostess set more places without being asked.  We had one server for the group of twenty-five.  While that seemed to be a high server to diner ratio, she did an excellent job getting everyone’s order right.  She even remembered which women weren’t ready to order when it was their turn and returned to them before turning in the orders.  Drink orders were filled as the diners sat at the table so there was no waiting for beverages.  It did take a long time for the food to appear at our tables.  Everyone was hungry but understood that the overwhelmed chef had to prepare about twenty different items to be served at the same time.   

I ordered the grilled vegetable flatbread.  It was very good with a nice mix of vegetables including peppers, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts.  It was attractively served but the plate was not quite big enough; the flatbread was off the edge of the plate.  No sides came with the flatbread but did come with the sandwiches.  That was fine with me since I usually don’t eat all of my food but I did consume the entire flatbread, which meant I had nothing to take back home for my husband to enjoy.  The other meals that were ordered seemed to please everyone.  The food looked tasty on the plates served to those around me.  The only complaint I heard about the food was the sweet potato fries were a little overcooked. 

I’ve eaten at Lulu’s several times for lunch but not for dinner.  Some of the food seems a little pricey to me including the flatbread that I ordered.  That being said, it was good, the service was very good considering we had just the one server who did everything but did it well.  I would give this restaurant 2 ½ forks up.

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The Dish Tavern and Grill is a restaurant in Ormond Beach that offers a different dining experience than most.  The restaurant has a slogan “Your Plate or Mine” which sums up the owner’s philosophy to share and enjoy the menu along with your company.  The menu is tapas style.  The portions are small which is reflected in the price, and the portion size does not take away from the quality of the food or preparation.  It is suggested to order several items and share with your dining party.

My most recent visit, two weeks ago, was not my first at The Dish.  My wife and I have been with larger parties and enjoyed sharing with everyone.  My review is based only on the most recent experience.

There is a busy, progressive feel as you walk in the front doors.  The lights are dimmed at dinner and the tables are set with wine glasses.  There is a separate bar area where you can sit in a more casual high-top table atmosphere as well.  We sat at a table for two by the window and were greeted in a reasonable time and manner. Here is the menu and drink menu.

We ordered four items from the menu, two to share and one for each of us.  You can request the dishes to come out one at a time, all together, or somewhere in between.  They brought out our two to share first, Three Cheese Mac and Cheese, and Fried Cauliflower.   The Mac and Cheese was served in a small round bake-ware dish.  The flavor was rich and the texture was appropriate, but there seemed to be a lot of grease or fat from cheese or butter in the bottom of the dish.  The Fried Cauliflower was served with “dijon bistro sauce” and was my favorite dish of the night.  The crust on the cauliflower was crispy and light and it was cooked until tender but not mushy.  The sauce added a nice tangy flavor to liven up the dish.

I ordered the Fish Special for myself.  It consisted of the fish of the day, grouper, over asparagus and a bed of risotto.  Everything about the dish was cooked well and the flavors were well paired.  The fish was fresh and had a nice lemon element to it.  The other party at dinner ordered the Crispy Eggplant Medallions.  They were served on fresh herb and garlic marinara and topped with ricotta cheese.  She enjoyed them very much and had nothing to complain about.

The downfall towards the end of dinner was the wait staff.  Though we got our food and drinks quickly, after dinner it seemed to take ages to get our plates cleared away and our check.  Despite the problems with the waiter, I am giving the restaurant three forks.

Overall, the dinner was nice, the food was good, and there were elements (the theme, the menu concept, the decor) that are found in more fine dining experiences.  Four forks!


Quality Eats:

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