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Recently, I had the chance to have dinner at The Downwind. In full disclosure, I have eaten at this restaurant before and I have a close friend who has previously worked there. With that said, The Downwind has since made some changed to the bar, the decor, and the food. I was dining with two other people for this review and the photos did not turn out all that great. We arrive on a weeknight around 7pm and there were a number of people eating both inside and in the outdoor seating area. Just as a note, the outdoor seating area overlooks the taxi and runways of the Spruce Creek Fly-In Airport.

For the three of us, we ordered the Cheese Sticks as a starter. Though, they were not handmade, gourmet quality cheese-sticks, they were good.

Dinner for two people at the table consisted of this portabella sandwich. The sandwich was quite tasty and came with either waffle fries, potato salad, or chips. Below is the potato salad which is worth noting as it contained ham. Now this is not a big deal in itself, but when ordering a vegetarian item from the menu, we felt that it should be disclosed that the potato salad contains ham. But, the waitress was very courteous in bringing a large plate of waffle fries to replace the hammy salad.

Picture below is the Blackened Mahi-Mahi sandwich. My only complaint with this sandwich is that the bun was much too large for the piece of fish on it. Either increase the fish or decrease the bun. The waffle fries were delicious as was expected.

Overall, The Downwind has a casual, sports bar type atmosphere and serves quality food at reasonable prices. It should be noted at some point that this restaurant is located in a gated community but can be accessed by the public by telling the guard that you are eating there.

I give The Downwind three forks. Enjoy!

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Wasabi Bowl in Port Orange combines Japanese and Chinese foods on one menu.  With everything from Lo Mien to Sushi, there is a wide variety to select from and pretty much anyone could fine something to eat.  There is a small bar area and the restaurant offers carry out services as well.  One odd sort of thing about the restaurant is that it is located in a shopping center and has a front and back entrance.  When you walk in the door it isn’t exactly clear if you can sit down on your own or if you should wait to be seated.  We were quickly greeted by a young girl and shown to a table.

We ordered a variety of food, including egg drop soup, vegetable spring rolls, sesame tofu, and sushi rolls.  Everything was brought to the table as it was ready from the kitchen.  The dishes were on par with a most take out Asian restaurants, but were presented with a little creativity.  Also, it is worth noting that the sushi was pretty good.  One thing that I was impressed with was the prices.  Eating dinner here is very reasonable.

Soup and egg roll: ~$3.00

Sushi Roll(simple or vegetable):~$5.00

Sesame tofu (or equivalent large Chinese take-out dish):~$7.00-$8.00

The service was okay. I don’t recall having to wait for very long to get a refill of a drink or anything like that.  I think that Wasabi Bowl is a nice place to go get a quick bite to eat, or order take out for a decent price.  In fact, we have been back since the original review visit. I give Wasabi Bowl three forks. Enjoy!

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This week’s restaurant review is a little different.  I am reviewing HighFive Frozen Yogurt in Port Orange, Florida.  I am categorizing HighFive in the “Family or Chain Places” category.  HighFive’s website sums up the experience at their yogurt shops in one sentence, “In addition to offering a delicious and healthy dessert alternative, the HighFive mission is to help each of us recognize, appreciate and celebrate the many wonderful things that happen to us every day.”  The Port Orange shop is located in The Pavilion, and is the second HighFive, with the original shop located in Clermont, and a new shop opening in The Villages.

Upon entering HighFive, you notice a few things.  The first is the large flat screen TV’s that slide-show photos from the community and the shop.  They encourage people to submit photos that represent a ‘high five moment’ in life.  You also notice a large mural on the wall created from hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of the owner’s family.  The atmosphere in the shop is friendly and you get a sense that everyone fits in there.

As for the yogurt, it is self serve and weighed when you check 0ut.  You select the flavor and the toppings.  The flavors change periodically but they always have my favorite, chocolate, and vanilla.

The self-serve stations:

Of the toppings, Oreo cookie is my favorite, they also have pecans, fortune cookies, cereal, chocolate chips, gummy worms, Skittles, M&M’s, marshmellows and many, many, more.

Some of the toppings:

Other topping choices include chopped candy bars, fresh fruits, etc.

Other choices:

Hot fudge and camerel are options along with several syrups:

My creation is on the left, and my lovely wife’s much more colorful creation is on the right.  Mine is chocolate fro-yo with Oreo cookie topping.  Hers is vanilla with M&M’s, Health bar, Butterfingers, sprinkles and hot fudge.

The product was delicious and high quality and the choices were abundant.  Overall, High Five frozen yogurt gets five forks.  Enjoy!

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